Dennis Discovers provides all the travel tips I have gathered on my adventures free of charge. It is my hope, that my experiences will aid you in having the best time when you travel.


Along with my advice and recommendations, I also offer my travel blogs as inspirations for you to plan your next journey.

I’ve always preferred to plan my trips myself. I’ve done this by reading blogs, watching videos and social media posts from other travelers. This has been very helpful, and I want to return the favor. That’s why I have created Dennis Discovers.

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Who am I?

The name is Dennis, but you probably guessed that already. As a kid travelling was mostly limited by the borders of Denmark, but I have seen much of the country from land and sea. Skiing and snowboarding were always a big part of my life, so most of my travel destinations was ski resorts.

My biggest adventure begun when I was 24. I had just finished my degree and had nothing holding me back. So, I did what I think everyone should do at some point in their lives – I went away. Far away with no return ticket. Only a dream.

Whistler, Canada became my new home for almost half a year, before I set out with my new British friend, Andrew, to explore the west coast of America, Hawaii and New York. I then discovered, how much I enjoy putting my memories in words, and have done so ever since.


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I will never personally recommend (sponsored or not) anything, that I cannot vouch for. Please let me know of any misunderstandings on this matter.


I’m more than happy to interact when any visitor. You are more than welcome to reach out on my social medias or via e-mail.

– Dennis

Dennis Discovers Travel Guide inspiration and blog
Me at Gullfoss, Iceland in 2022. Photo: Cecilie Eske Hansen