Dugald Stewart Monument Edinburgh Scotland

Calton Hill

Type: Public park
Cost: Free
Time: 1,5-3 hours

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Calton Hill in Edinburgh is mostly known for its great view over Edinburgh. You will not find a guidebook without a photo similar to the one above. Besides the Dugald Stewart monument (a memorial to the Scottish philosopher by the same name), you will see many other landmarks on the hill and below. One of them is the National Monument which never completed, as only half the money to build it was ever collected. Having started the fundraising in 1822 to commemorate Scots who had died in the Napoleonic Wars, they never got the funding required, and eventually ended up with only the 12 columns you will see today.

Calton Hill is freely accessible to the public, and it takes about five minutes to walk up there. You can even get up by bike if you like.

When up there see if you can spot the cliff Arthurs Seat, Holyrood Palace, the bridge Firth of Forth and of course Edinburgh Castle

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