• T-Rex Cliff, Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali Travel Guide

    T-Rex Cliff / Kelingking Beach

    The T-Rex Cliff is probably the most photographed place in Nusa Penida or perhabs the entire Bali, and it is not without reason. The cliff is beautiful, and as it extends far into the ocean, you can get a perfect view of it from above. The cliff is shaped like the head of a ginormous T-rex, which is why it has gotten this name. Below the rock is a beautiful white sand beach and saphire blue water, which makes the view perfect for a photo.

  • Icelandic Horse

    Iceland Roundtrip Part 3

    The last week in Iceland we drove from north eastern Iceland along the coast back to Reykjavik. On the way we saw seals, horses and a bunch of waterfalls. We also tried the discipline of strongman and attempted to lift the famous Husafall lifting stone before having a well earned rest in a blue lagoon.

  • Iceland Roundtrip Travel Guide

    Iceland Roundtrip Part 2

    Our Iceland roundtrip day 5-8 provided some incredible nature experiences with plenty of waterfalls, swimming in hot spring pools, black sand beaches, glaciers, icebergs, "ice diamonds", Star Wars scenery, seals and puffins and some of the most incredible hiking experiences we have ever had.