T-Rex Cliff, Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali Travel Guide

T-Rex Cliff / Kelingking Beach

Type: Nature
Cost: Free
Time: 30m – 2½h

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The T-Rex Cliff is probably the most photographed place in Nusa Penida or perhabs the entire Bali, and it is not without reason. The cliff is beautiful, and as it extends far into the ocean, you can get a perfect view of it from above. The cliff is shaped like the head of a ginormous T-rex, which is why it has gotten this name. Below the rock is a beautiful white sand beach and saphire blue water, which makes the view perfect for a photo.

Once in the area you want to go through the little village and keep right along the edge of the cliff. This it where you get the best view to admire the T-rex cliff. You may also encouter some wild macaque monkeys in that area.

You can also decent onto the beach below and go into the water. The way down is extremely steep, narrow and the footing can be tricky in some area. The way down may take anything from 20-40 minutes depending on your physical abillities and the traffic. There is hardly any room the pass oncoming traffic, so this is not for the faint hearted. However, if you do enjoy a challenging hike, you may want to consider heading down. The beach is beautiful, and you will not find many beaches in a volcanic area with such fine white sand. Do keep in mind, that you have to walk the same way back up.

There are plenty of shops in the area if you need a cold beverage or an ice cream. You are even likely to find a drink stall at the beach.

Here is a few photos from the beach:

How to get here?

It’s quite easy to get to T-Rex Cliff, but unless you have accomodation close by, you do need some transportation to get there. Most people either go with a guide or a personal driver, which is very affordable in Bali, or by scooter. Be careful if you chose the latter. Nusa Penida roads are quieter than many mainland roads, but it can be dangerous if you are not used to getting around like this. A personal driver can be helpful, if you need a place to store you flip-flops while you hike down to Kelingking Beach.

You can book a personal driver on GetYourGuide (sponsored link) in advance. This is a great way to explore Nusa Penida and Bali in general. You can decide where and when you want to go, and they are very helpful with tips and photos.

Book a 10 hour day trip on GetYourGuide (sponsored link) and have everything taken care of. Just get ready to be picked up at your hotel in Bali.

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Where to stay?

We chose to stay in the middle of the Island, at a hotel called The Dara Hill. It was cheap, and made it convenient to rent a scooter on our second day to continue. There wasn’t anything else in the area, so if you don’t like it remote, you may want to stay near some of the harbor cities.

There are multiple hotels within one kilometer of the T-rex Cliff, but there isn’t much else to do right there.

Have a look for Nusa Penida hotels at Trip.com (sponsored link).

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