• T-Rex Cliff, Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali Travel Guide

    T-Rex Cliff / Kelingking Beach

    The T-Rex Cliff is probably the most photographed place in Nusa Penida or perhabs the entire Bali, and it is not without reason. The cliff is beautiful, and as it extends far into the ocean, you can get a perfect view of it from above. The cliff is shaped like the head of a ginormous T-rex, which is why it has gotten this name. Below the rock is a beautiful white sand beach and saphire blue water, which makes the view perfect for a photo.

  • Angels Billabong Nusa Penida Bali travel Guide

    Angel’s Billabong

    Angel's Billabong is a beautiful natural infinity pool carved into the limestone rocks. Being located just next to Broken Beach, it is a great two for one opportunity. The crystal clear blue water is given an emerald green color from the rocks, and looks incredible. During low tides you can decent into the little canyon, and swim in the pool. If you choose to do so, please be very careful as this can be dangerous and is generally advised against. Waves can be very big in the area, and may suddenly and without warning change in size. This can throw people in the water into the rock walls and/or drag…

  • Broken Beach Nusa Penida Bali

    Broken Beach

    Broken Beach is a famous destination in Nusa Penida, Bali. It is called "broken" because of the archway that allows the beautiful azur blue water to flow into the stunning cove. You can even visit by boat, and there is a chance you will see manta rays in the area. In Balinese it is called Pasih Uug. If you are in Nusa Penida, this is a must see and a photographers paradise.

  • Stanley Park, Vancouver

    Stanley Park

    Type: Public Park Cost: Free Time: 2-6 hours Website Affiliate links: Vancouver Aquarium Bike Tours Dark Secrets Tours Horse Carriage Tours Hotels & flights Nearby: Canada Place Robson Square Stanley Park is a beautiful nature park right in downtown Vancouver. The park opened all the way back in 1888, and unlike many other metropolitan parks it is not the creation of a landscape architect, but rather the evolution of a forest and urban space over many years. The park covers an area of more than 4 km2 and has a sea wall all the way around. Walking or cycling along the sea wall takes you on a 9 km trip.…

  • Canada Place Vancouver Travel Guide

    Canada Place

    Canada Place is located by the waterfront of downtown Vancouver. Walking out on the wharf provides a great view of downtown Vancouver to the south, Stanley Park to the west, and North Vancouver, the shipyard and the distant mountains across the water to the north. The place itself is lovely and a quiet place with fresh air. While hosting various events from time to time, you might encounter some interesting happenings along with the continuos flow of seaplanes landing and taking off on the water.

  • Ruthven Barracks Kingussie Travel Guide Scotland (6)
    Scottish Highland

    Ruthven Barracks

    Ruthven Barracks in Kingussie is a free well preserved ruin, that you can easily visit if you are in the area. It can even be combined with a hike in the beautiful Scottish Highlands in Cairngorm National Park. Ruthven Barracks is the best preserved of the four barracks built in 1719 by George II's government after the 1715 Jacobite (political movement) rising. It could hold two companies (120 soldiers and their officers).

  • Hiking Kingussie Travel Guide Scotland
    Scottish Highland


    They call it "the small town with a big heart". The town the loveliest little town in Cairngorm National Park. Located close to the highways A86 and A9 and with its own train station, it is very easily accessible. Even though the town is small and quiet with only 1.500 inhabitants, you will love it here. It has a little creek running through it, and most of the houses are old stone buildings.