• Chasing the snow in Whistler Alpine - Hike
    Season in Whistler

    Chasing the snow

    The last couple of days it has been pouring (which is great, cause that means snow on the hills), but today was nice and sunny. From the morning you could see the snow covered mountain tops around us which has made everyone excited for the winter. There was no snow in the valley though, so I decided to hike up the mountain to find some snow .I could feel the temperature drop the higher I got, and I clearly felt when the temperature dropped to zero. In the end I found the snow

  • My House in Whistler
    Season in Whistler

    Moving day in Whistler

    It isn't easy to find accomodation in Whistler, but I was extremely lucky to find this great place, that I now share with 10 other people from around the world. Alastar from England is my roommate and the others are from New Zealand, Italy, South Africa, Germany and Canada. It snowed last night, so it is all looking good.

  • Early Days of my snowboard season in Whistler - Vancouver 2
    Season in Whistler

    Coming to (North)America – Vancouver

    I am now well through day 2 in Canada. The flight to Vancouver was quite amazing. The guy next to me on the plane and I were so lucky, that there was no third in our row, so we had plenty of room. Turned out he was an Australian on his way to Whistler, after travelling for 3 months in Europe. When taking off from Iceland, we enjoyed a 180 degree sunset. It stayed that way for 3-4 hours, as we flew over Greenland while slowly catching up with the time difference. After a while the sun was so high in the sky, it appeared to be late afternoon, and…

  • Leaving for a snowboard season in Whistler travel blog
    Season in Whistler

    Season in Whistler – pre departure

    Just one more week before I leave for Whistler. It is a huge challenge to me not having a plan for what I am going to do, or where I am going to live and work. I mean... Normally I have things under control, right? But this is also one of the reason I want to do this. I'm getting used to the though of knowing where to stay until October 23rd, and then taking it from there. I've decided to watch Art of Flight and Jeremy Jones' Higher the next days, so if I wasn't already craving for snow, I will be. The resort looks super dope. See for…