Chasing the snow in Whistler Alpine - Hike

Chasing the snow

Hike 3 November Whistler Alpine
Hike 3 November Whistler Alpine

Tuesday November 3rd 2015:

The last couple of days it has been pouring (which is great, cause that means snow on the hills), but today was nice and sunny. From the morning you could see the snow covered mountain tops around us which has made everyone excited for the winter. There was no snow in the valley though, so I decided to hike up the mountain to find some snow.
I could feel the temperature drop the higher I got, and I clearly felt when the temperature dropped to zero. Over 500-1000 meters it was suddenly extremely wet, probably due the snow that had been there (or just a bit higher), and was now melted. Shortly after I saw the first snow, which got denser and denser quickly. It felt so good the see the snow, and I can’t wait for the mountains to open.

Watch the trip upwards in pictures or video below.


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